Part # : CMR190V
    Manufacturer SKU : PL-R190VUSA-WW
    Brand : Cambium
    Warranty : 30-day Lin Haw warranty + 11 additional months with manufacturer

    Final Sale - Reduced to Clear

    The IPV6 capable cnPilot r190V 

    is ideal for cost-conscious service providers seeking a standard, entry level home router with cutting edge cloud management and robust features

    The cnPilot r190V can be remotely configured, monitored, and upgraded, and offers in-home client insights that make troubleshooting a breeze – all reducing the ISP’s need for site visits.

    Making The Case - Return On Investment (ROI):
    It’s estimated that over 60% of customer complaint calls to service providers (SPs) for “poor internet service” result from unmanaged home routers, purchased and deployed by end customers themselves. Service providers lose money servicing these complaints with no visibility to the indoor home router, with no improvement in customer satisfaction, high subscriber churn, or ability to recover lost revenue opportunities.

    The R190V gives service providers more options than ever, enabling them to:

    • Enhance customer satisfaction by offering standardized SP- validated and managed indoor home routers that connect users to the internet rapidly and efficiently

    • Sell or lease the R190V as the ISP provided and managed home router

    • The ATA port enables ISPs to provide Voice-over-IP phone service, creating a new line of revenue for the ISPs

    • Reduce service call costs with client visibility via cnMaestro with the ezView tool

    • Track and manage customer inventory, and see attached clients and RSSI information remotely – enabling fast customer support. 

    Remote Cloud or On-Premise Managed:

    The cnPilot R190V solution can be deployed with Cambium’s cnMaestro cloud controller or On-premises controller versions, offering:

    • Zero touch onboarding

    • Inventory tracking and monitoring

    • Dashboard views with alarms

    • Remote mass upgrade

    • TR-069 & SNMP management ezVIEW


    With ezView, cnMaestro offers rich client and device troubleshooting capabilities integrated with ongoing management. When backhauled wirelessly, ezView’s single-pane-of-glass display shows data from clients, the Wi-Fi router (R190V), and the ePMP or PMP 450 wireless links backhauling the router.

    IPV4 & IPV6 – For Today and Tomorrow

    The R190V supports modern IPV6 network topology


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