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Part # : VAHMHFL
Manufacturer SKU : VA-HMHFL
Brand : PC Cable World
Warranty : 25 year Lin Haw warranty
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Our 270 degree HDMI port saver (male to female) 

Gives you the flexibility you need without risking bending your HDMI cables excessively, which may damage the cable or, even worse, the ports on your expensive equipment. This port saver will help ease the strain at the point of connection to eliminate damage to the HDMIR ports on your devices.

Dimensions: 1.09" x 0.64" x 0.78"

WARNING: Since port alignment differs from one device to another, it is difficult to state which way this port saver will point on your particular device. For that reason, we offer two different angled models, one with a 90 degree bend, which angles toward the beveled side of the connector, and a 270 degree connector, which points in the opposite direction. Please look at the orientation of the HDMI port on your device to determine how it is aligned and whether this port saver will point your cable in the direction you desire.

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