Part # : VARCASV
    Brand : Generic
    Warranty : 1-year Lin Haw warranty

    VARCASV RCA Composite and S-Video to VGA Converter, which supports 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 wide screen with output VGA resolution up to WSXGA 1680x1050! Suitable for connection of DVD, STB, DVR, etc. to PC monitor. With 3 decoding function, the picture after conversion output from VGA is with high definition and effect.

    - Composite Video Input Interface: RCA
    - Inputs: 1 X Composite video, 1 X S-video and 1 X VGA;
    - Output: 1 X VGA;
    - Switch between the 3 inputs and output one of them to VGA;
    - The VGA input is pass through to the VGA output without any processing;
    - Both PAL / NTSC are supported;
    - Optional Resolution: 800 X 600@60HZ, 800 X 600@75HZ, 1024 X 768@60HZ, 1280 X 1024@60HZ
    - Lightness, hue, contrast, saturation, color, etc. are adjustable and auto-saved when power off;
    - Optional function: Remote Control.
    - Composite video and S-video are up-scaled to 1680x1050 and 3D Video-processing tech is applied to make output picture more vivid

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